Welcome to MostBeautifulHotels.com, a blog devoted to highlighting gorgeous, glamorous hotels and their spectacular settings. Our primary objective is to answer the question: What are the most beautiful hotels in the world?

And it’s our pleasure and privilege to award that honor for properties that are truly among the great–the most historic, the most modern, the most luxurious, the most outstanding views. Our mission is to bring you the créme de la créme of hotels, so that you can browse and book your dream. We aim to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

And who are we? That’s a fair question, since we’re asking you to trust our discernment.

Call us Leticia (below right) and Delphine (below left) — no last names, since we’re known in other capacities in the somewhat overlapping worlds of tourism and publishing. Here’s a quick run down of our combined qualifications:leticia fairweather

delphine rossetti• We’re writers with extensive experience traveling in Europe and beyond.

• We’re lovers of luxury travel, of beauty and art.

• We’ve stayed in palazzos in Italy, villas in France, and historic country houses in England — and more.

• We’ve enjoyed meals at five star hotels — and relaxed with spa treatments afterwards.

• And, like yourself, we’re devoted seekers of ultimate experiences — the kind that only the finest hotels can offer in the most beautiful environments.

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you, and helping you create your dream luxury vacation.

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