Alfonso XIII • Seville, Spain

Andalusian palace echoes Moorish and Baroque eras

Exterior of Alphonso XIII, the Luxury Collection

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This grand palace was built by King Alphonso XIII in 1928 to host dignitaries for a worldwide exposition held in Seville. The architecture is a fascinating blend of Moorish and Baroque themes and is in Seville’s historic center near the Seville Cathedral and the Royal Alcazar Palace.

There are magnificent wood-panelled ceilings, marble floors and intricate tilework including exquisite hand-painted ceramic tiles. Furnishings are period and the whole effect is very rich. The central courtyard with fountain and grounds surrounding the hotel give a green and secluded air to the hotel.

Alphonso XIII - Restaurant San Fernando

The hotel’s dining options include complimentary buffet-style breakfasts. The elegant and formal San Fernando Restaurant serves Spanish and Mediterranean dishes, and features blue and clear-glass leaded windows and dark-wood furnishings. The Japanese-style Kaede restaurant prepares sushi and teppenyaki. There is a lively bar located adjacent to the patio, and features live piano or violin music during evening hours. A seasonal outdoor pool and tennis courts provide outdoor recreation.

The 147 guest rooms are opulent and styled either with a Baroque or Moorish flavor, all with air-conditioning and soundproofing. Rooms are spacious and feature upholstered chairs, richly-textured sofas, carved wooden beds and wardrobes. The bath will not disappoint, a symphony of white and gold tile with tub/shower combinations.



Alphonso XIII, the Luxury Collection
Location: San Fernando 2, Seville, Spain; allow 1 hour for transport to the airport with connecting flight to internationally bound flights.

Luxury style: Ornate and traditional grandeur will enhance any visitor’s stay. The echoes of the Baroque and the Moorish eras tingle the imagination and the visitor will see this motif repeated throughout Andalusia. Although the Moorish influence permeates Andalusia, the style retains a fairy-tale flavor to visitors especially those from across the ocean.

What we’ve heard: The concierge at the Alphonso XIII can direct you to an evening’s entertainment of flamenco dance at cafes called ‘tablaos’, where some of the most distinguished practicioners of the art may be found.

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