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Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza • Cairo, Egypt

Four Seasons excellence in the land of the pharaohs

View of the Nile

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The icon of modernity in Cairo is the 30-story sleek and luxurious Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza. The 367 rooms and 77 suites of this elegant tower, located in Garden City, Cairo’s financial section, speaks of Cairo’s position in the international world of finance and business. The excellence of the Four Seasons brand is evident everywhere here from the architectural flower arrangements to the $10 million art collection.

The Nile Plaza is a whole development that includes private residences and upscale shopping as well as the Four Seasons. Positioned at the Nile’s widest point, guest rooms look out toward the Citadel, a historic landmark, or the ever-changing panorama of the Nile. Cairo, the vibrant cultural and commercial heart of the Middle East has been a crossroad for travel and trade since ancient times.

Four Seasons Nile Plaza - Pool

The guest rooms are of the familiar formula typical of the Four Seasons recipe for relaxation–cool oases of crisp modernity, with opulent textures and sophisticated color schemes. But most of all the guest room is designed for comfort of the highest order, with triple-glazed windows for quiet amidst vibrant, but noisy city sounds, carefully considered work areas and the latest in communication and entertainment technologies. The marble bath will be appreciated for the deep soaking tub and separate shower.

There is a beautiful rooftop pool as well as comprehensive spa and fitness facilities. The spa, which is the largest facility of its type in Cairo, offers a whole program of wellness, beauty treatments and massage. There is also an indoor pool adjacent to the spa.

The hotel is well-served by a whole menu of restaurants, which serve sophisticated Cairenes as well as business travelers and upscale tourists, include Zitouni, which server Lebanese food; Spice, a Chinese menu; Aqua for seafood and Steaks which has a devoted following.

Four Seasons Nile Palace

Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza
Location: 1089 Corniche el Nil, Garden City, Egypt; 45 minutes from the airport.

Luxury style: A prime meeting spot for international executives and businessmen to whom five-star comfort is a commodity that they are unwilling to do without. Also, the acolytes of the Four Seasons fan club will find their devotion satisfied here. The Four Seasons can also be counted on as a gracious candidate for special events and corporate socializing.

What we’ve heard: There are many things in life that are uncertain, but staying at a Four Seasons is not one of them. Worldwide, the standards of luxury and service can be counted on as sure as the sun rises in the east. The Four Seasons Cairo is no exception. In the chaotic and vibrant mix of this vast metropolis, the hotel is a island of calm, comfort and pleasure.

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Sofitel Winter Palace • Luxor, Egypt

Victorian splendor on the banks of the Nile


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In 1922. the guests at the Old Winter Palace, if they took notice of a short post on a bulletin board, would have been among the first in the world to learn of the great discovery by archeologist Howard Carter. When first peering into the boy King Tut’s tomb for the first time in two thousand years, he was asked what did he see. “Things, wonderful things…” he replied. Carter was a regular visitor to the hotel and continued to stay there during his subsequent archeological excavations. He could often be seen strolling in the garden.

The Old Winter Palace, founded in 1886, is still a magnificent colonial Victorian edifice with high-ceilinged elegance, spacious guest rooms and many more pleasures than available to Howard Carter in 1922.

Old Winter Palace Luxor - pool

The hotel is situated in a lush tropical garden with a large pool as the centerpiece. Each guest room is different, with high ceilings, luxury amenities and comforts. Fascinating artifacts from the history of the hotel and its guests are on display along the wide, huge corridors.

Also of note is the formal French cuisine at the “1886”, on of Egypt’s best known restaurants, a tribute to an era when to dress for dinner was a social nicety that one ignored at one’s own peril. And formal dress is still required today for the candlelit dinner, an exquisite experience. There are two other fine restaurants including a beautiful terrace restaurant on the Nile side of the hotel.

Old Winter Palace - Valley of the Kings - King Tut

Sofitel Winter Palace
Location: Cornish el Nil, Luxor, Egypt; 20 minutes from the airport.

Luxury style: Modern adventurers will appreciate the service and comfort of the Old Winter Palace after a hard day visiting the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens or the Temple of Luxor which is right next door. Visiting the monuments in Egypt is a life experience not to be missed.

What we’ve heard: Be sure to never confuse the “New Winter Palace” with the Winter Palace itself. The New Winter Palace, on the other side of the garden and also managed by Sofitel, is a fine hotel, but does have the beautiful historic significance of the Old Winter Palace.

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Mena House Oberoi • Cairo, Egypt

Say hello to your next-door neighbor: Cheops, Pharaoh of the Old Kingdom

Mena House Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort

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Over three thousand years ago, the Pharaohs of Egypt’s Old Kingdom, built the massive Pyramids to house their remains and their riches for eternity. This astonishing Wonder of the World has attracted tourists for centuries, but only The Mena House Oberoi is located a mere 700 yards away, right on the sandy plain. Originally built as a hunting lodge in 1879, but has been a destination for Grand Tour travelers for nearly a century.
One can explore the interiors of the great pyramids, but perhaps the best way to view them is from the tranquility of a suite at the Mena House, where one can contemplate the immense age and magnificence of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The 523 rooms are scattered over several wings: the palace wing with ultra-luxe suites with period furnishings; the garden wing, a more modern additions but still featuring a rich contrast of textures and fabrics; and the cabana rooms which are positioned in a wing around the magnificent pool.

Mena House - al Rubayyat restaurant

Besides the Pyramids, the Mena House has 40 acres of jasmine-scented gardens and an 18-hole golf course right at the foot of the pyramids. The swimming pool, situated in the gardens also has the million-dollar pyramid view. The adventurous will be fortunate to experience the Pyramids in the most romantic and thrilling way — a horseback ride out into the desert to view the Pyramids from their most stunning angle. Camels are also available for this expedition.

The Mena House boasts five restaurants including the noted Moghul Room serving fine Indian cuisine and the Al Rubbayat (above) a majestic room serving Continental cuisine.

Balcony at the Mena House Oberoi

Mena House Oberoi
Location: Pyramids Road, Giza, Cairo, Egypt; 45 minutes to airport.

Luxury style: The original palace is an incredible Moorish fantasy; add to that the opulent period decor and the balcony overlooking the Pyramids and you have the perfect adventure/luxury ratio that will be enjoyed by almost every type of luxury traveler.

What we’ve heard: Ease your entrance into very foreign and sometimes chaotic Cairo by utilizing the meet-and-greet service offered by the hotel. It will smooth your way through airport red tape and have you to the Pyramids with the minimum of stress.

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